Safety Glass in offices

Welcome to our blog, this time we want you to know a little about one of the most important characteristics, safety in commercial glass (Offices - Shops - Buildings). Although the elegant touch that a glass design provides for offices and businesses is indisputable, there is one factor that cannot be overlooked and that is security. The glass must be resistant enough to avoid accidents and damage to people. 

The following types of glass are especially suitable for offices and shops:

  • Tempered glass: It is a glass that has undergone a heat treatment that makes it more resistant to impacts.
  • Laminated glass: It is a glass that is composed of two or more layers of glass separated by a plastic film. In the event of breakage, the glass is held together by the film, reducing the risk of injury.
If you still have some doubts about which glass is most suitable for your projects and its benefits, we recommend that you take a look hereIn addition to choosing the right type of glass, it is important to install it correctly. The installation must be carried out by a qualified professional to ensure the safety of people.

In general, the following measures can help improve the safety of glass in offices and businesses:

  • Use tempered or laminated glass
  • Install the glass correctly
  • Place protections on glass that could be dangerous if broken

With these measures, it is possible to create a safe and healthy environment in offices and shops. 

That's all for this article, we hope it is useful for you, dear reader, who are in the process of choosing the ideal glass for your business. We leave you some articles that may also be useful in your redesign: